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Welcome to Incolay™, your exclusive dealer for classic Incolay™ stone collectibles. We offer our clients the highest quality antique reproductions, jewelry boxes, music boxes, valets, wall décor and accessories. Whether it is for your collection or as a gift to a loved one, your genuine Incolay™ purchase will be cherished for a lifetime. These beautiful items are all handcrafted by Incolay™ artisans in the USA.
Featured Items
Ships "Ships," sculpted by J.W. Roberts depicts the lore of the sea and enchants the owner with the mystery, majesty, and tales of old. This precious keepsake box is the number "1" seller of 2006. View Details
Goddess of the Sun
Goddess of the Sun Latona, Goddess of the Sun, was mother of the twins Apollo, The Sun God, and Artremis, The Moon Goddess. The Greeks considered Latona the twin sister of the Egyptian goddess, Buto, mother of the Sun and Moon. Here she is depicted as Aurora, the rising dawn, as found on the walls of the ancient Parthenon. The model for this work was a silver and bronze shield of exquisite repousse craftsmanship, produced in 1885. This work of art is attributed to C.B. Birch for Hancock’s of London. View Details
Mule Deer
Mule Deer Stately and majestic, the Mule Deer stands in the midst of his natural surroundings. One is in awe of this magnificent creature, lovingly carved by M. Lloyd Way. Living in Colorado, Mr. Way was able to capture the beauty of many species of our glorious wildlife. M. Lloyd Way, in addition to his many accomplishments in sculpting, apprenticed on Mt. Rushmore as a young man! View Details
Summer Hummer
Summer Hummer Intricate and delicate detail brings to life the glory of nature in our "Summer Hummer". The gentle hummingbird and detailed flowers are all trademarks of the remarkable Carthage sculptor April Davis Leiter. She grew up among oil paints, canvases, sculpting tools and bronze castings. As the daughter of a full time professional artist, it was only natural for her to express an interest in the art materials surrounding her. Her earliest bronze sculpture dates back to her fifth birthday. View Details
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